Gas Cleaning And Reclamation For The Process Industry

Scrubbers are widely used in process and allied industries to reduce concentration of exit gases or remove particulate matter from gas streams using water or slurry as the scrubbing medium. Sweetech Environs have installed ammonia recovery systems in fertilizer plants to recover ammonia from fume scrubber exhaust, dust scrubber, dryer scrubber and fumes & dryer tail gas scrubber.


1. Recover ammonia and thereby reduce costs.
2. Reduce air emissions.
3. Improve occupational health.



Salient Features Of Our Scrubbers

  • The scrubber operates on the principle of creating a large surface area of contact between gas and liquid streams, thereby absorbing from the gas stream by various mechanisms like impaction, interception, diffusion, condensation and agglomeration.
  • Only high-precision spray nozzles are used for maximizing the contact between gas and liquid.
  • Mist eliminators are provided to prevent carry over losses of scrubbing liquor.
  • Can be operated with variable flow conditions.
  • Low power consumption with high efficiency.
  • Scrubber with cyclonic injection entry of gas stream.
  • Compact size.
  • Low pressure drop- design ability to utilize the existing fans without much modification.
  • Relatively low capital cost as compared to packed scrubbers.
  • While choking due to particulate matter is possible in tray type or packed scrubbers, this is not applicable for Sweetech Scrubbers.

The units can be conveniently installed in the existing system with minor changes in fan ducting to maximize recovery. Air pollution levels achieved are much lower than the specified air pollution norms so as to maintain an absolutely clean and pollution- free environment in and around the factory.

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