VOC Control and Recovery

Sweetech understands the role clean air compliance plays in business. Industries need to comply with the regulations at the lowest overall cost and receive the greatest overall value. The optimal answer balances capital, operating and maintenance costs with longevity. With our extensive air handling experience, we can improve the efficiency of your volatile organic compound capture systems resulting in a pollution free environment in and around factories.
Volatile organic compounds such as methylene chloride, benzene, toluene, THF, hexane, rubber solvent acetone, methanol etc. are emitted into the surrounding atmosphere in many industrial activities. Well known industries in this category are pharmaceuticals, inks, gaskets, printing shops, etc. These emissions are usually removed by adsorbents in two (or more) column systems. Apart from removing the pollutants, these systems enable recovery of these valuable compounds. This is achieved by passing steam through the exhausted bed and condensing the vapours coming out. Process liquid and water are separated by gravity separation (if immiscible) or distillation (if miscible).
In this regard, we also offer the following services:
1.Study of design and operating data of existing adsorption system and recommendations for optimisation of performance.
2.Retrofitting to improve capacity at economical costs.
Whether your process uses volatile solvents or creates them as a by-product, your emission control system has a significant impact on your bottom line.
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